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Commercial Truck Insurance in North Carolina

What is commercial truck insurance?

While all vehicles can be in accidents and cause harm, the size and weight of commercial trucks increases the risk of injury and property damage. Massachusetts businesses that own trucks generally need commercial truck insurance to help protect against the risks that come with operating these vehicles.

Commercial truck insurance offers specialized protection for trucks that are commercially registered. Policies are adapted for the increased size and weight of larger trucks (and often their cargos).

Commercial Truck Insurance massachusetts
Commercial Truck Insurance massachusetts

What Massachusetts businesses need to carry commercial trucking insurance?

Businesses in Massachusetts usually need commercial trucking insurance if they own trucks. Insurance is generally required by state law, and this tends to be the best way of insuring larger trucks.

Since many different businesses have commercial registered trucks, these policies are purchased by businesses in all manner of industries. The following are merely a few examples of what businesses might get a commercial truck policy:

  • Construction companies that have dump trucks, lowboys or similar equipment
  • Contractors with heavy-duty pickups, commercial vans or straight trucks
  • Exterminators with pickups, commercial vans or straight trucks
  • Movers with straight trucks or tractor-trailers
  • Farmers with heavy-duty pickups or other trucks
  • Bakeries and coffee roasters that use straight trucks to distribute regionally
  • Nonprofits that have box trucks to deliver many meals, furniture for refugees, etc.
  • Fire departments for their fire trucks

In addition to fairly standard commercial truck policies, there are also many specialized policies for equipment like dump trucks, tankers, lowboys, reefers, sleepers and other types. An insurance agent who specializes in commercial trucking insurance can help find the right policy for a particular type of truck.

What protections are included in commercial trucking policies?

Commercial trucking insurance policies can come with a broad range of protections, generally meeting mandatory state requirements and offering optional protections. Some key coverages that these policies often make available are:

  • Physical Damage Coverage: Usually protects against damage to any insured trucks.
  • Interchange Coverage: Usually protects against damage to any trailers the business doesn’t own.
  • Trailer Cargo Coverage: Usually protects against damage to or loss of any cargo that’s loaded onto a truck or trailer.
  • Liability Coverage: Usually protects when there’s an accident that’s caused by an employee.
  • Bobtail Coverage: Usually protects tractor-trailers when they aren’t hooked to a trailer.
  • Downtime Coverage: Usually protects trucks during periods when they’re parked, whether being unloaded, loaded or just sitting.
  • Non-Trucking Coverage: Usually protects trucks when they’re used for personal purposes (e.g. running errands or going to/from home).
  • Uninsured/Underinsured Motorist Coverage: Usually protects when there’s an accident involving an uninsured or underinsured driver.

What types of cargo can be insured with commercial trucking policies?

Commercial trucking policies are available for almost all legal cargo. They might ensure anything from gravel or food ingredients, to passenger cars and high-end consumer electronics. There are also usually policies that can cover radioactive cargo, hazardous materials, high-value collections, live animals, or a wide range of other potential cargos.

This isn’t to say that any one policy can cover all cargos, but rather that policies are normally available for almost any type of cargo.

An insurance agent who knows the coverage needs of commercial trucks well should be able to find a policy that’s able to protect a particular kind of cargo.

Commercial Truck Insurance massachusetts

How much does it cost to insure commercial trucks?

The cost of insuring commercial trucks varies. Premiums are influenced by factors such as:

  • Number of trucks
  • Types and sizes of trucks
  • Age, year make and models
  • Cargo classes
  • Drivers’ licenses and endorsements
  • Drivers’ driving records
  • Business’s claims history

An independent insurance agent can check how much different insurers would charge to cover a specific truck or fleet.

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How can businesses in Massachusetts get commercial truck insurance for their trucks?

If you need help insuring one or more commercial trucks that are registered in Massachusetts, contact the independent insurance agents at Platinum Insurance. Our agents can review coverage needs with you, and then show you several commercial truck insurance options that would meet those needs well.

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