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I want to emphasize the importance of having a local insurance agent. This matters now more than ever before. We all know the annoyance of having to navigate through an automated phone system in order to get to the right department for your needs. Even when you are lucky enough to get to the right department, what are the chances that you actually get a person that can handle your request or answer your questions?

A lot of people may not fully understand that local insurance agents still represent the largest insurance companies with the best coverages and premiums. The difference between dealing with the local agent and the company directly comes down to one major thing, SERVICE.

The bigger the company, the more likely they are to try to replace service from an actual person with automation. It almost never goes over well. Just yesterday I went to my mobile carrier’s website looking for a phone number to get assistance. There was no page that offered a phone number to call for them. An automated chat, FAQ page, and a multitude of other options were offered but none of these things could assist me with my problem. I was left to search the phone number on Google because I couldn’t find it on their own company website.

I can’t think of many other industries where talking with a local agent matters more than in insurance. Sometimes you just need to talk to a real live person that you know and trust to help you make a decision. That can be done by phone, email or text. You want them to meet you on your terms and not some 800# or virtual chat. I don’t care what kind of technology you have, it doesn’t compare to good, old fashioned customer service from a local agent who actually cares.

Many new entrants into the insurance market have tried to bypass the agent and allow you to get an insurance policy online. It may be easy to purchase but what happens when you have a question, or worse, a claim. Who will be there for you? A chat bot or an undertrained customer service rep will likely be your source of help. 

I believe there is a need for technology in insurance. We allow our clients to get quotes from our website for auto insurance, home insurance, and commercial insurance.  We allow them to request certificates of insurance online as well as many other service related items. We have a dedicated service page that allows all of the important common insurance requests shown below. We will also always be available for one on one service if needed though.

Online Insurance Service Options

  • Request certificates of insurance
  • File an insurance claim
  • Make a policy change request
  • Make an insurance payment
  • Request policy documents
  • Get an insurance quote
  • Schedule an insurance consultation
  • Contact an agent

These things are helpful and necessary for many day to day insurance needs and that is why we added them to our website. It doesn’t have to be one or the other though. You can have technology and service from a real local person. I made a promise long ago that I would always have a live person that can answer the phone every time in our agency. In most cases, that same person can handle whatever questions or request you have.

Ways Local Agents Excel at Service

  • You can gain rapport
  • They know your situation due to your history with them
  • You can reach them immediately by phone or email
  • You don’t have to start over with a new representative each time
  • You have an office you can actually visit if needed
  • A small business feel accentuates empathy for you

I am admittedly biased, but I truly believe that independent insurance agencies do service better than the big captive companies and online insurance companies. Local agents “have your back” more and really have a vested interest in you and your needs.

Of course you don’t have to take my word for it though.  Our website has a sample of some of our longtime, satisfied clients providing great survey responses. Our company Google page is also packed full of 5 star reviews by our satisfied clients as well. We take great pride in these and work hard to continually exceed client expectations because we are service obsessed.

In closing, we all want things fast today.  At times we may not want to talk to a person.  We choose, rather, to do certain things online. I am fully onboard with all of those things and use them myself whenever possible. When things go bad or when a website can’t answer my questions, I still want someone to talk to or email to assist me. Let us never get too big to take care of our clients the way they deserve. At least until the machines take over everything, like in the movie Terminator.

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