While you hope never to experience a theft or home invasion, there are unfortunately about 2.5 million burglaries annually in the U.S. According to the FBI, this equates to one burglary every 30 seconds. A standard homeowner’s insurance policy covers personal items such as jewelry and artwork, but most policies have a limit of $1,000 to $1,500, regardless of the item’s value. With the average loss from a burglary being $2,661, it is in your best interest to add protection to your valuables. Here are five high-value possessions you may want to obtain a dedicated insurance policy for.  


When purchasing fine jewelry, many jewelers offer insurance policies. These may provide cleaning and maintenance, repairs from scratches or accidental damage, and replacement stones should any come loose. However, these policies almost never cover the unfortunate loss of your sentimental items due to theft. Having additional coverage protects you from both burglary and even accidental loss from a broken clasp if the piece falls off while you’re away from home. 


Art is one of the most common physical investments that may increase in value over time. If you’ve purchased any one-of-a-kind pieces, these should be appraised and insured. While the work of art may be irreplaceable if stolen or damaged beyond repair, obtaining an accurate appraisal for your insurance policy is vital when recovering the value of the art. 


In today’s time with many people creating home gyms, the amount of equipment may have a very high total value. Although these items such as treadmills, ellipticals, stationary bicycles, and weight machines are often very large, if you are out of town for a prolonged period of time and suffer a major home theft, these pieces may be targeted. This equipment could also become badly damaged or inoperable in a fire or natural disaster. If you have made an investment in outfitting your home gym, consider protecting it.


If you or a family member are a musician, chances are you have musical instruments stored within your home. Anything from a baby grand piano to a violin can have a high value that exceeds your standard homeowner’s insurance. Similar to fitness equipment, larger musical instruments may not be an immediate target during a home invasion, but they could still be stolen. As many are made of wood, they are naturally extremely susceptible to fire damage as well.  


Most states require some amount of liability insurance for owners of recreational vehicles such as four-wheelers, golf carts, snowmobiles, or boats. However, your state’s minimum liability coverage requirements only cover damage done to others, not you or your property. These items are also highly susceptible to theft. Even if they are eventually located by law enforcement, you may receive them returned to you having been stripped of all high-value parts and modifications. As with all recreational vehicles, there is a risk of damage as well. If your lifestyle includes using these regularly, you may want to look into increasing your liability insurance and adding protection in the case of theft or damage.  

With most of these high-value items, you may have to conduct an official appraisal. Speak with your insurance agent for a referral to a professional appraiser they use and trust. As collectible items potentially increase in value, you may even want to conduct routine appraisals every few years. This peace of mind will help ease your anxiety if anything happens to your valuables.  

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