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We will discuss in this article commercial auto insurance filings specifically for commercial auto insurance.   We will discuss what this is and the most common types.

Put simply, an insurance filing is just proof of insurance that is delivered to a state or Federal entity.  Most times these proof documents are uploaded electronically.  Any carrier that writes commercial auto insurance is required to be set up to deliver these filings electronically when a policy becomes active and also when it is pending cancellation for any reason.

Types of Insurance Filings

State Filing- A state filing is proof of insurance filed by the insurance company that are required by the state when hauling within the state lines.

Federal Filing– A federal filing provides the same proof of insurance when you are hauling outside of the state lines.

Common NC and Federal Insurance Filings

Form E- Proof that your policy meets the guidelines set by the state.

Form H- Proves that you have the correct amount of cargo insurance as required by state law.

MCS90- This is an endorsement on your commercial auto policy that provides proof of liability and cargo liability when you are required to have a Federal filing.

BMC34- This filing is submitted to the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration(FMCSA) showing that you carry the correct amount of cargo liability.

BMC91- This filing proves that you have sufficient insurance as required to cross over state lines.

Most of these state forms can be filed online by your insurance company directly with the Safety and Fitness Electronic Records System(SAFER).

Several factors come in to play when determining what liability limits you need to carry and in some cases the amount of coverage needed for the items that you are hauling. Most common factors are the gross vehicle weight of the vehicle, radius that the vehicle is driven, whether you are crossing state lines, and what you are hauling.

If you have any questions as to what coverage you are required to have you can always contact the NC DMV directly or by contacting your insurance agent. As always you can call us directly at 704-494-9495 with any questions.

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